Google Adwords – Even more local now

Announced yesterday, Google are rolling out the capability to add a company’s full address to the bottom of their PPC activity. Two things are required:

  1. an entry in the Local Business Centre (i.e. your business in Google Maps)
  2. a specified link between your Adwords account and the business’s listing (which is done in the Adwords control panel)

You can see an example

The new bit being an address line beneath the URL. This is an example taken back in December when Google was playing about with it, so it may appear differently when fully implemented and then differently again in the UK. Google will show this data when they can determine a link between the user and the location. Which means that local searching, local customers and local businesses will be more obvious than ever before.

The facility isn’t available to all accounts yet (Google trickles these thing to stop there being a rush) so more news when I’ve managed to have a go myself.

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