The dangers of being too open about your locale

With the increasing availability/affordability of Smart Phones (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Pre etc) and 3G data connections, Location Based Services are becoming a) possible, and b) popular.

A great example of this is Foursquare ( Foursquare is a piece of software which sits on your Smart Phone and ‘checks-in’ to share your location with friends and contacts – and to promote proximate businesses and social activities (e.g. events, restaurants, eateries). Happy, social activity to some; dark, evil big brother to others. Naturally it’s been made nice and open to be shared across the web via other social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter et al.)

And maybe some day soon we’ll be including this as an opportunity to our clients.

And the downside? Well some friendly people have decided to launch a site which capture people’s Foursquare ‘check-ins’ particularly when they leave home, and put them in a single place called – (see this link for news articles on the site)

Proof, if it were needed that one man’s openness and sharing is another man’s open window and helping themselves.

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