Are location based services the next bubble to burst?

This article from Ben Bold on prompted Andy Edwards to ask me, “Thoughts?”, so having written mine to him, I thought I’d share mine here too.

My take is:


  • It’s lots of bubbles waiting to converge
  • Real time ROI will be the killer app (imagine local store manager creating vouchers, pushed in real time, and turned off when sales target reached – actually better than that, imagine automated vouchers from the stock system)
  • If Facebook gets it right, they’ll clean up. But I don’t think they’ll get it right because I think they’ll use advertising dollars ahead of conversion as a metric – which I’m willing to be wrong on.

I like the idea that this is “the final big gold rush of Web 2.0.” but I don’t believe it is, because there is always the next thing. For example, nothing much being done with “time” as the connector – we’ve done data, relationships, location, time is next, but don’t ask me how or why…

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