Google Places – Tags launched in US. UK soon?

Google announced today that they are rolling out Tags in the US. Essentially, the idea is that the Places page can now allow advertisers to highlight tactical promotions within the 7-pack display (below).

These yellow tags cost the advertiser a flat fee of $25 per month, and, with this increase visibility, are expected to lead to an increased usage of the voucher functionality of the Google Places page. Certainly, this off-site promotion logically seems to assist on-site conversion through promoted content.

For Google, it creates another advertising revenue stream, and with even only limited take-up, it seems a strong area for consistent and ongoing income. As Mike Blumenthal commented in his blog “Google has noted that 2 million businesses have claimed their listings. If there is even only a 10% adoption rate, it will mean income of $60 million/year for Google. I would guess that the uptake will be higher than that and once one 7-Pack entrant adds a Tag, there will be a certain pressure, logic not withstanding, for others in the 7-pack to do so as well.”

The new feature is also available immediately on Google Mobile, ensuring blanket coverage across Google’s US properties.

The remaining question, other than when we see this rolled out the the UK, has to be how effective, or indeed how much more effective will these offer-led links be, over and above standard links, or indeed standard sponsored links?

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