A music video, the LOCAL way

An oldie (gosh, was this really only 9 months ago?) but a goodie. The Wilderness Downtown is a collaboration between Google Chrome and Arcade Fire that personalises (read: localises) the music video to the place you grew up.

Here’s TechCrunch’s explanation for the technical bits. What I love most is the connection – online to offline. The Wilderness Machine was created to physically reproduce the postcards users wrote to themselves online in The Wilderness Experience. If you plant the postcard, it will compost and liberate birch tree seeds from which a tree could grow.

You were encouraged to install Google Chrome for it to work. 24.1% of users now use Chrome, as opposed to 15.9% at launch of this experiment. There doesn’t appear to have been a significant spike in browser usage though!

I’d love to know if Google have mapped the addresses entered and gotten a heat map of fans’ hometowns. Not altogether useful as it’s inevitably at least 20 year old data with a lot of non-fans playing with it due to the viral effect, but come on Google, let’s review!

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