Nice interactive digital experience for Evoque

This is the ‘Trailer’ for a new interactive digital experience for the Range Rover Evoque Pulse of the City project. It’s a choose your own adventure film called Being Henry.

Starring Leo Fitzpatrick (The Wire) and directed by Nick Gordon (Levi’s, Sony, Doritos), Being Henry is housed on a dedicated Adobe Flash site. It’s basically composed of multiple videos that seamlessly switch when the viewer clicks on Henry and drags him toward a certain decision. The dragging sequence is done via a series of JPEGs that cut smoothly into the live action.

The viewer manipulates through a series of choices, resulting in nine storylines and 32 different endings. (Check out the video for a taste of what kinds of things happen in all the possible stories.)

The product tie-in? Every choice you make — taking chances, looking for love, etc. — apparently determines your ideal Range Rover Evoque, which you’re presented with at the end of the film.

If the idea seems familiar, you may recall that we have already ‘been there, done that’ with an ‘experience’ for the Alfa MiTo last year. Again proving that EMO can get ahead of the curve when given the opportunity.

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