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Emperor’s new clothes or not…

I have just read an interesting article about the use of social media for professional firms.  The author, who advises accountancy firms on marketing and business development, makes some very valid points – pretty much all of which I agree with.  However there seems to be an underlying distrust of marketing agencies and what they can do for his target audience.  A part of the article suggests that accountancy firms have invested in social media because they have been told it is the panacea for their declining business by underhand marketing agencies, there are undoubtedly some agencies that pedal this misapprehension to the unsuspecting.  However there are many more reputable agencies who would advocate the use of social as a part of the marketing mix and suggest that it helps in brand building but would never suggest that used alone it is a business development solution.  If partners at professional firms are naive enough to believe that investing in social media is the silver bullet for business development issues then frankly there is little hope for their businesses in the 21st century.


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