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Fonts and fact sheets

I’ve been creating fact sheets for the EMO teams (in my spare time) over the last couple of months. The reason for doing this is to help spread some of the knowledge that Studio, Creative and Production teams have to other teams, with the overall aim of getting us all talking the same language.

A particular interest for me and most creatives alike is fonts.

My latest creation is a quick introduction into the anatomy of fonts. The world of fonts is a marvel. For instance we have the long standing hatred of Comic Sans and the obsession with Helvetica. For me fonts have a purpose and situation they can best be used in – and yes that does include Comic Sans! To convey a message with words in the right font can be very effective and the wrong choice can render even the most useful information useless. So a little understanding of the language of typography should help to see the consideration that goes into fonts. Have a look at the fact sheet to see what I mean: EMO_Font of knowledge