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What do local customers do once they've found you online?

Here’s a nice quote from last year’s TMP/comScore study:

Following online local searches, consumers most often contact a business over the telephone (39%), visit the business in-person (32%) or contact the business online (12%).

Is your network prepared to make the most of these interactions? And I don’t mean picking up a ringing phone or saying ‘hello’ when someone walks in. Are they prepared to greet a customer as someone that has already interacted with your brand? Someone that has pre-armed themselves with good product or service knowledge? Someone that is likely to quote from your website?

If your sales network is not fully briefed on the content and message in your website, how can they be expected to interact effectively with your customers?

Set them a test, a competition, invest in training or an information portal to get them up to speed. Use SMS to get hold of the sales guys that live on the phone not by a PC. You’re working hard to get the customer to the store, help them to work hard to keep them there.

You can read more about the TMP/comScore study here:

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